Membership benefits you’ll enjoy:




Get immediate exposure:

  • New product promotion via the home page …
  • Notification emails to subscribers …
  • Social media ads included …



Selling more.

  • Loyalty points are earned and redeemed storewide …
  • Insights searches on what customers are looking for …
  • Detail dashboard shows how your business is performing…





 Secure from start to finish.

  • SSL encrypted shopping for all customers …
  • Confidential and fast deliveries are done for all vendors … 
  • Receive your sales directly to your bank account  

It's possible! by tomorrow your business could be online.


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Here's what you get and what happens after signup.


Simple returns on investments.

  • Increase your market reach while reducing your marketing costs simultaneously through an extra sales channel.

Simple selling.

  • Hundreds of visitors see, like, and save your products and eventually buy, without you having to constantly post daily.

Leave the details for us.

  • We take care of order fulfillment, returns, chargebacks, and your payments.

You might be wondering...

Aomnia is a complete E-commerce marketplace that helps you, the vendor, to start, manage and grow your business.

With Aomnia, you can:

  • Have your own site within the market.
  • Make more sales when customers use their reward points from previous orders to purchase from you. 
  • Manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping from your dashboard

Aomnia is completely cloud-based and hosted, so you don't have to worry about upgrades, developers, hosting, or servers.
This allows you to access and run your business from almost anywhere. 

The process is simple, just three easy steps

  1. A customer visits the marketplace and makes a purchase.
  2. The vendor is notified, and the order is prepared.
  3. One of our couriers will pick up the order from you and deliver it to the customer.  

Aomnia has two subscription plans.

Choose the plan that best suits your budget, and one of our onboarding reps will reach out to you and get your account set up and selling more.

Sales made are deposited to your bank account via direct transfer. 

Your business growth is most important to us. When we run any ads, whether social or other media. Your company is the focus of the ad. All you do is supply the ad, and we integrate it into our marketing. Aomnia pays for all ads. (Available to Elite members only)

Insight searches work in 2 ways.

  1. From the customers' side of things, they get more detailed results from their searches on the marketplace, e.g., misspelled words or phrases.  
  2. From the vendors' side, this allows our Elite members to know what visitors to the marketplace are looking for through searches. This information can be used to grow your company. Here are a few:
    • Stock the "searched-for" products and increase revenue with more sales.
    • Review and make changes to some of the names of your products. (Ask your account manager for recommendations or assistance on how to do this.) 
    • Position your related products to align with what people are asking for through search.

Weekly emails are sent to the Elite vendors, alerting them of what's trending within the search industry.