Redeem your available Aomnia Rewards Points on thousands of items during checkout at Aomnia.com. To earn Rewards Points, make eligible purchases with Aomnia.com. See the Loyalty Points Terms and Conditions for details.


You can use any amount of your available Rewards Points for your purchase. Points are valid for 365 days.


Once your Aomnia points are added to your Aomnia account, you can see and redeem your available Rewards Points at checkout.


You might be wondering...

Loyalty Points allow you to redeem the Aomnia Loyalty points earned from purchases from the Aomnia.com marketplace. You can use Aomnia Loyalty points to pay for purchases at Aomnia.com Marketplace ONLY. Aomnia is a complete E-commerce marketplace that helps you, the vendor, to start, manage and grow your business.

Yes, you may apply any eligible promotional coupons when making a purchase. Then, you may use your available Aomnia Loyalty points to pay for the remaining balance of your purchase. The process is simple, just three easy steps.

No. You can only use Aomnia Loyalty points towards purchases at checkout at Aomnia.com. 

No. There is no fee for using your points at Aomnia.com. 

To see the full terms of use of Aomnia Loyalty points, go to Aomnia Loyalty Points Terms And Conditions.


Your points will be refunded to your points balance ONLY for valid returns or cancellations. Your points are not refunded to any payment method or in case or check.

First, checkout through your Shopping Cart. Next, If you want to use the points to redeem for the entire amount, or you only want to use rewards to pay for part of your purchase, just enter the amount of points. You may use your eligible credit or debit card or an Aomnia.com gift certificate for the remainder of your order. Aomnia will will deduct any rewards you redeem from your rewards balance at the time the order is placed. At this time, Loyalty points are ONLY be redeemed for online orders at aomnia.com and are not redeemable from Aomnia.com over the phone orders or at any vendor who sells on the Aomnia marketplace.

First, ensure your signed into your account. then go to My Loyalty Points and you will see how many points you have.

Yes, you may apply any eligible Gift Certificates to orders and also use reward points to pay for your order.

You can use any other form of payment such as credit or debit card to complete your order payment.

Aomnia will refund to the original form of payment.

Purchases made with Bank of America rewards at Amazon.com follow Aomnia.com's standard return policies. Please visit the Returns and Refunds page at Amazon.com for more information.

No, you can shop for any item or service being offered from amongst the thousands of items at Aomnia.com using Shop with Points.

For Aomnia.com Loyalty points order related issue, please contact Aomnia customer support.