Step 1
Who is the gift for?

  • Choosing presents for friends or love ones is easier because you might know their habits and preferences.
  • Persons you are not familiar with may prove difficult.
  • Considering personality, age and gender are a few things that would assist in the type of gift you would be looking to get for them.

Step 2
What's the occasion?

  • Anniversary, Birthday, National holiday, or an achievement?
  • Even a "Just Because" gift can be tied to an occasion.

Step 3
What's your budget & time?

  • When can you go get the gift?
  • Lots of decisions boils down to time and money.
  • Set a budget of $.$$?
  • Decide on a time to go shopping


Step 4
Make a list

  • Your list is now smaller and most likely would fit your budget.
  • So! what's that perfect gift?

Still can't make a decision?
Give the gift of choice!

Benefits of an Aomnia Gift Certificates 

  • Eases the pressure from you having to decide.
  • Allows the recipient to get what they would prefer. (after all, who knows better than themselves)
  • Wide selection to choose from when shopping with their certificate on Aomnia.


The Usual Disadvantages of Gift Certificates

  • Only redeemable at one or a few stores (Not so with Aomnia, many stores to choose from) 
  • The full amount must be spent all at once. (Use your certificate as many times as you choose, until it's value is used) 
  • Expiration date on most certificates. (Our certificates don't have expiration dates)

Give A Gift Certificate

Amount should be between BDS $40.00 and BDS $3.000.00

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How to send?

Validate/Redeem gift certificate